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Children’s Hope Chest Child Sponsorship

Children in southern Ethiopia are available for sponsorship through our partnership with Children’s Hope Chest (CHC).

Hosanna! is pleased to partner with CHC to sponsor children in two villages in southern Ethiopia. CHC refers to these villages as CarePoints. Please click below to learn more about sponsorship and donation opportunities at either CarePoint.

CarePoint 1CarePoint 2

Sponsorship instructions: When visiting the CHC websites above, it is very important that you do NOT click on a child’s picture unless you are going to sign-up to sponsor him/her. Doing so will take them off the list for a day or two and they will show as “sponsored”. To sponsor a child, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “SPONSOR A CHILD”. Under the “STATUS” drop-down, select “UNSPONSORED”. Then, follow the directions provided by CHC to begin your sponsorship. Thank you for multiplying the hope and heartbeat of Jesus in Ethiopia!

Questions? Contact Ali Isabell at alii@hosannalc.org