We would love to have you join us as a member of Hosanna Church!
We ask each person to take a few steps as they decide if membership is right for them.

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals, and to prayer.

— Acts 2:42

Attend Discover Hosanna

Learn more about who we are as a church: What we believe, value, and why we do what we do. This class is required to become a member and allows you to vote for things like Vision Board members during our Annual Meeting. After you sign up, you can watch your email for additional information on where the class will be held or sign-in information for the online version.

Upcoming Classes
Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

Register HERE.
(Advanced registration is not available; you may register for the next upcoming class.)

In-person takes place following the 10:45 worship hour at a campus-designated location.
Online takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the designated dates. When a person registers, they will get a link to join.

Become a Member

Discover Hosanna is the first step to becoming a Hosanna member.

After Discover Hosanna, we will send you our Membership Covenant which outlines Hosanna's commitment to growing and developing you as a disciple of Jesus.  Additionally, it outlines a commitment to living a UP, IN, and OUT lifestyle modeled after Christ, including a commitment to attend regular worship and personal time with God, to use your gifts to serve, to connect to the biblical community, to giving generously, and to embody the attitude of Jesus.

After you review the Membership Covenant, you will sign it and submit it to your class facilitator.  This is a required step in becoming a Hosanna Member.

This one-on-one meeting is about getting to know you and covering any remaining questions you may have about Hosanna and church membership. During this time, we also help you discover how you can grow and serve as a part of Hosanna.

Becoming a member is just the beginning! We encourage you to continue to find a place within our church to grow in your faith and serve others with love, generosity, and unity!


We are eager to assist you in discovering your next actions for connecting with Hosanna! For inquiries or to gain more information, please reach out to Marci Tokach or dial 952.898.9260.