Student Ministries Gathering // All Campuses

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 // 6:00PM - 9:15PM

Middle School (6th to 8th grade)

Lakeville 6:30 PM  //  Northfield 6:00 PM  //  Rosemount 6:00 PM  //  Shakopee 6:00 PM

We challenge you to embrace the faith and make it your own. Each Wednesday, we cover topics relevant to your life along with key pieces of being a follower of Jesus today.

High School (9th to 12th grade)

Lakeville 7:45 PM  //  Northfield 7:45 PM  //  Rosemount 7:45 PM  //  Shakopee 7:45 PM

We want to challenge you to live your faith, making the hope and heartbeat of Jesus evident in every area of your life. We don't want you to just know facts about your faith, but to live your faith as you develop a personal relationship with God.

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