Hosanna Family and Friends,

As a valued part of our church community, I want to thank you for reading our Annual Report. Within these pages, you will find the story of a church becoming more like Jesus and multiplying Jesus by focusing on living UP, IN, and OUT.

As you look at each area of ministry, you will see undeniable signs of God's faithfulness and abundant provision. You will see a church filled with people growing spiritually and giving Biblically, trusting God with their families, lives, and finances more than ever. You will see how those who call Hosanna home have leaned in and stepped up to Humbly and Boldly Be a Church that Looks More Like Jesus. This past year, we have become stronger, more focused on our mission, and more aligned with His heart. Only God can do that.

I'm grateful for how you've said "yes" to Jesus. I am so glad you call Hosanna home--and that we're in this together! Get ready for another year of dynamic spiritual growth and Kingdom multiplication.

P Ryan

Lakeville Campus Update

God did so many incredible things in the 2022-2023 Ministry Year, but here are a few highlights. Our ministries grew across the board, with 14% growth in Sunday worshippers, 15% in Children's Ministries on Sundays, 16% on Wednesdays, and 17% in Student Ministries (Middle School and High School).

We added 25 more Community Group Leaders so that hundreds of people could join, hundreds of people were prayed and cared for through the Prayer and Care staff and volunteers, and we added 55 new Hospitality volunteers who serve on Sundays and elsewhere. Beyond the quantitative data, we've seen qualitative growth in each area through people placing faith in Jesus, getting baptized, joining Community Groups, volunteering, impacting the community, and more. Thank you, God, for this tremendous growth and impact!
There are countless stories of how God has been moving in the lives of our Lakeville congregation this year, but let me offer two powerful testimonies of God's goodness. One young woman shared before her baptism, "I've been going to Hosanna since 2nd grade. As a 9th grader this year, my leaders and friends have helped me incorporate faith into my everyday life. Now, as a co-leader for younger kids, I want to do the same for them." What a beautiful multigenerational picture of God's gift of discipleship and disciple-making in action!

Another man testified before his baptism, "I have been agnostic my entire adolescent and adult life until this past fall. My mother-in-law invited me to Alpha after hearing my faith questions, and I am so happy, by the grace of God, that I took that course. Raising my child spurred me to explore my faith in God and Christ. I love this church for all I have been exposed to, including baptizing my daughter last week." I love how this man shared his mother-in-law's impact on his faith life, extending through him into his daughter's life. Praise the Lord!
In the 2023-2024 Ministry Year, the Lakeville Campus will continue to pursue God's calling on Hosanna to be more like Jesus while multiplying His hope and heartbeat. To do that, our staff is committed to increasing our volunteer base across the campus by 25% so that we "equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ" (Eph. 4:12, NLT) in every ministry area. With these additional volunteers, we plan to see significant growth (10-25%) in each ministry area. As our congregation grows, we also want our community impact to grow.

So, the Lakeville Campus is partnering with HEART and Community Groups of all ages to engage with key city leaders, schools, businesses, first responders, nonprofits/churches, neighborhoods, and more to seek the welfare of our local communities by the Lakeville Campus. Jesus said, "Let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father" (Matt 5:16, NLT), so that's our prayerful strategy for loving our community as well as one of His churches. I'm sure God will surprise us with even more fruitful growth than we could imagine as we abide in Him (John 15:5) this next ministry year!

 — Pastor Erik Poch, Lakeville Campus

Northfield Campus Update

Our Northfield campus has grown by leaps and bounds. We are consistently seeing growth in all areas of ministry across the board, but some are definitely worth highlighting. Our attendance continues to grow as we saw a 16% increase over the last year and a 33% increase over the last two years combined. We had 11 Community Groups and 80 participants last year. This year, we have 16 Community groups and 135 participants. A 36% increase in one year! Alleluia! We had 14 participants join Alpha during the winter of 2023. We had 22 couples at our first Married Life course last Fall. That’s 22 families being impacted as couples sought Christ in their marriage. We also hosted our 2nd Picnic in the Park to lift up and value frontline workers throughout the Northfield/Dundas area. We had over 800 people attend the event, and we look forward to the event in the upcoming year. I marvel at the faithfulness of God, and I have confidence that God is still moving mountains and lives in the Northfield area.
Disciples who make disciples multiply disciples. At our Northfield Campus, we have six former students who went from being new visitors to our campus to becoming regular weekly participants. Fast forward to today, they’ve become leaders in Student Ministries on our campus and beyond! These six students witnessed the success of Hosanna's Up, In, and Out discipleship strategy. Three have been leading middle school groups for the past two years. One leader graduated and has gone on to serve at a YWAM base in Mexico. The last two leaders are currently co-leading a group of 10th-grade boys. Why does this matter? This fruit comes from 6 teenage students who have committed to living for Jesus. God has called these six faith-filled leaders to pour into those the Lord has entrusted to their care. It doesn’t stop there. Not only are 5 of these students leading groups on Wednesday nights but they’re also actively involved in studying God’s Word in their own young adult community group.

Additionally, two of these leaders have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus through missional outreach efforts in the Twin Cities regularly. As Pastor Jeff reflects on the faith journey of these students, “It’s humbling for me to reflect upon each of their spiritual journeys. I recall their early years on campus as they struggled to understand what being a child of God means. Now, I get to watch God at work as they’ve become devout followers of Jesus Christ, committed and called to reach others for Jesus Christ.” These six individuals are assertive, young, and faith-filled leaders armed with the Word of God and equipped to reach the world around them for Jesus Christ. The Good Lord is moving on our campus and is using students to disciple students, who then disciple other students. To God be the Glory!
Our greatest hope and desire is to be an Eph 5:1-2 campus, “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.” Relationships matter and are a priority on our campus this year. Our staff is committed to discipleship and investing in others by committing 25% of our time to invite, meet, pray, and disciple others.

We have God-sized goals for our campus this year. We’ll grow between 25-30% in every ministry area on our campus. As past growth would indicate, we’ll likely need to add an extra service as we continue to pray about growth and expansion.

We’re rolling out a targeted local mission effort that our new Community Impact Team will lead with area partners and non-profits to share the HOPE and HEARTBEAT of Jesus with those in need. We wholly pray, trust, and believe that God is on the move and a FULL spiritual harvest is coming to the Northfield, Dundas, and Faribault areas.

— Pastor Dean Swenson, Northfield Campus

Rosemount Campus Update

The Rosemount Campus grew again in each ministry area in 2023. Two significant ministries that grew were Student Ministries, with attendance of +46%, and Kids Ministry, with +51% growth on Wednesday nights. We saw growth in worship, Community Groups, baptisms, and our amazing volunteers. Our Rosemount Community Impact Team was established in the summer of 2022 and has significantly impacted in one year. This volunteer team continues developing ongoing community partnerships and serving numerous needy families. Our End of Summer Celebration was our largest yet. 1,200+  people come through our campus lawn! Four hundred fifty-five kids received gifts from Heart. The Community Impact Team collected, packed, and handed out 310 school-age-appropriate backpacks for families who needed one and provided classroom supplies for teachers who made requests in our Rosemount Schools. One hundred eighty-eight volunteers supported the event!
Two members of one of our 22 community groups suffered significant losses of family members at different times during the year. Their community groups rallied around these members by providing a meal with prayer, worship, family support, and strength. Something they would not have found by themselves. This same community group, on multiple occasions, wrapped its arms around neighbors to meet needs for basic things, like furniture, silverware, and gift cards for groceries. Living OUT for this group looks like running toward a burning building to help while at the same time having their arms wrapped around each other, knowing they do everything in Jesus’ name together.
This next ministry year for the Rosemount Campus will be exciting. We are believing and strategizing to see growth again! Growth of 15-30% across all our ministry areas! This confidence comes from the way our campus team continues to develop their volunteers. Multiplying the Heartbeat of Jesus happens through the people of God and the relationships they make. We are fortunate to have the partnership and support of HEART to help resource the needs we are meeting in Rosemount. We are honored and committed to deepening our relationships with our city leaders, police and first responders, and community services in partnership to love and serve ALL of our community. We are a church that looks like Jesus when we live according to Phil 2:3, "Do nothing out selfish ambition but in humility consider others better than ourselves."

— Pastor Peder Eide, Rosmount Campus

Shakopee Campus Update

At the Shakopee campus, we have seen significant growth in many areas. A few areas we are most grateful for are Community Group growth with a 223% increase, and Volunteer growth with an 81% increase. God is at work in Shakopee! 

Another highlight for the year was the 4th Annual Picnic with Police. This year was the best yet! The event doubled in size to 2,000 people! What was especially encouraging was that the event reflected our community's diversity- 33% white and 67% non-white. Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said proactive outreach efforts like this have helped achieve a 30-year record low in crime rates!
One story of Multiplying the Hope and Heartbeat of Jesus through Community Partnerships is that we were privileged to host the Hosanna Multiply event in November. I invited a few city and Scott County leaders to come and share about our partnership with them to uplift this community. Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate, along with Shakopee Schools Superintendent Mike Redmond, City Administrator Bill Reynolds, the President of our Chamber of Commerce, Tim Zunker, and w Scott County Commissioner Dave Beer all gladly spoke about the impact Hosanna and HEART are having in the community. I got to pray for them and thank God for their service to the community. Good things are happening!

We are entering this next year with significant momentum! We’ll continue to develop our Community Group ministry because we believe that we will become more like Jesus and can multiply Jesus best in the community. I’m excited about a new on-site Women’s and Men’s Group starting in the fall. I’m also excited to offer Married LIfe for the first time at our campus. I’m excited to see our Kids and Student Ministry continue to flourish and grow. As a Shakopee team, we plan to be more intentional than ever to connect our people 1:1 between Sundays and Wednesdays. We want to know, encourage, and support the fantastic volunteers and people God has led here!

I’m also excited to continue strengthening our community partnerships and creating ongoing opportunities for Community Groups to live OUT.

— Pastor Aaron Davitch, Shakopee Campus

Adult Ministries

FY 23 Highlights
In FY23, we celebrated a whole Adult Ministry team! Each campus now has an Adult Director, so we created consistent experiences across all four campuses.

We saw significant growth at each Campus in the following areas:
  • Community Group Leaders and participants 
  • Alpha participants 
  • Those serving on Impact Teams and impacting their Community 
  • Lastly, each campus has expanded opportunities for members to get into community by incorporating On Campus Community Groups last spring and this fall. 

The Adult Ministry team did a great job modeling IN by investing in their Community Group Leaders by hosting small group gatherings where they intentionally discussed and discovered new ways of leading their groups in living UP, IN, and OUT relationships.

This year in Adult Ministry, we will focus on creating and implementing standard leader training for Community Group Leaders and Alpha Leaders across all four campuses. We will continue to focus on building solid relationships by visiting each Community Group this fall and winter to engage with and better support our groups. Lastly, we will continue to offer Alpha as a core course, launch and support On Campus Community Groups at each campus, and build in equipping opportunities to engage members in Disciple Making.

Family ministries

Children's Ministry

Children's ministry has grown exponentially over the past year, with new families, kids, and volunteers joining us weekly! Together, we celebrated a fantastic year, gathering close to 1200 boxes of goodies to donate to Operation Christmas Child,183 baptisms, tons of baskets and supplies donated to Together for Good, an Easter celebration with live animals, 169 kids took First Communion, 300+ new families/visitors, 600 volunteers, and over 1,000 kids coming in the doors of our campuses each week!

At our recent volunteer training event, we had nearly 300 people attend! Each one is dedicated to investing in the lives of the next generation of Jesus followers! We shared ideas on getting personal with kids to build and strengthen friendships and connections so children feel seen and welcome. Volunteers of all ages shared stories and examples of how they prioritize getting on the kids' level, learning their names, and helping ensure coming to church is something kids look forward to each Sunday!

This year, we are focusing on our connect group experience on Sundays! We want to ensure kids have an opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and build friendships in their faith community. Our amazing volunteers are dedicated to getting personal with kids and learning more about who they were uniquely created to be and how the Holy Spirit is moving in their lives! We are also excited to raise financial support to refresh our children's ministry spaces. We have lived in these spaces for years with minor improvements, and they are showing their age and wear. Now, it’s time for a more significant investment. We aim to create a welcoming, joyful, inclusive, safe, and inspiring atmosphere for our families, kids, and volunteers.

Student Ministry

God is at work in our Hosanna Students! Last school year, almost 200 students went through a confirmation ceremony. We had 40 students get baptized, and over 400 attended one of our retreats! On average, we saw 860 students attend Wednesday evenings, a 24% increase from last year!

We were delighted to have over 60 students on impact trips throughout the year, including our Minneapolis Serve Week this past summer. One of our students said about her experience at Wind River:

"Going to Wind River, I never could've expected how God would bless and create so many breakthroughs. Not only to the people we saw but to each beautifully chosen team member. My first mission trip was filled with impactful moments, from going on an insanely fun bus ride to absolutely sobbing during our team worship sessions, especially after Homeless Ministries Night. Having a front-row seat to someone's faith struggle (and everyday commodity struggle) equally broke my heart and blessed it with the ability to recognize how much of a gift it is to go out and serve Jesus. This was again evident when I spoke with two girls shocked about the abundance of Jesus' love for them: “Wind River awakened me to this simple truth - even when we're not aware, God is always changing lives, changing hearts and opening doors." Wind River 2023 SM trip, Addison (HSM Student)

We have amazing volunteers, and we plan to continue to take the relationships students are building outside the walls of the Church. We pray that Wednesday nights are when the Hosanna student population gathers, but we still understand and believe we are a community of believers everywhere we go. We would take seriously the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we go!


As a church, we were able to make an impact in the lives of those in need around the globe and in the hearts of those who attended one of our impact trips. This past year, we were blessed to have 6 different Impact trips to Israel, Ecuador, Tanzania, Student Ministries Bemidji, Student Ministries Wind River, and our first Student Ministries trip to Ethiopia.

Over the course of this past year, Hosanna hosted multiple missionary visits (Abraham from India, Jon & Swati Borde from India, Shankar from India, and Gemechis from Ethiopia). We evaluated all of our missionaries by utilizing our Missionary Partnership Agreement.

In total, $984,080 was given globally, aligned with Hosanna's tithe and global priorities. As a church community, Hosanna also gave $84,080 towards the Turkey/Syria Earthquake response.

"I enjoyed the Bemidji mission trip because I got to hang out and talk with my friends while serving the Lord by painting cabins. Also, getting to help make food for our mission group and the kids at VBS was lots of fun talking to the other people in the kitchen. The Lord showed me another way I could serve!"
—Bemidji 2023 SM trip, Riley (HSM Student)

"After being in Ethiopia for eight short days, I could see and experience the kingdom of God growing in and through this community. I could see and hear the ambition in people in this country who are incredibly hopeful and faithful even after going through years of war and hardship. I saw the beauty of God continuously working and actively growing this community. At all the locations we visited, they had great hope in Jesus that he would continue to provide for years to come." 
—Ethiopia 2023 SM trip, Addie (HSM student)

HEART Ministry

HEART Ministry witnessed several miracles this year, and we are proud to be an important part of the community to advance the hope and heartbeat of Jesus. We had over 1,100 volunteers, which enabled us to give away 2 million dollars in products, complete 10 construction projects, host 15 special outreach events, help 975 families through crisis at our Community Giveaway events, and open a new warehouse in Faribault.
This past year, HEART played a much larger role in serving our surrounding community by being present, cooking meals, and providing basic necessities to those who attended city-wide events. One event we are particularly proud to have participated in was the Rhythm on the Rails in downtown Shakopee. We put on a worship concert in the streets of Shakopee, and over 4,500 people attended!
  • We plan on doing $6 million in sales at the Heartland Outlet. 
  • We will engage our nonprofit partners to reach more communities. 
  • We will bless 575 families in our Christmas giveaways this year. 
  • We will continue partnering with Scott County to remove family homelessness. 
  • We will grow our volunteers to 1,400.
  • We plan to give away $3 million in projects this year.


We had some fun highlights this year in serving. We launched Sunday morning huddles at each campus to help our volunteers feel more connected with each other, our staff, and our mission. These Huddles also prepare our volunteers to be successful in their roles every week. This year, we also launched All Campus volunteer appreciation events at each campus to ensure our volunteers get the appreciation and thank you they all deserve! We also focused much of the year on recruiting more volunteers to partner with Hosanna in our mission and saw great success. We saw a 214% jump in checked-in volunteers from 2022 to 2023 across our four campuses. We also focused on the volunteer experience at Heart this year, and through some hard work by the team there, we saw 1,051 unique volunteers, which includes over 500 first-time volunteers! This was up significantly from 600 unique volunteers in 2022.
The beauty of serving at Hosanna is that we want everyone to have an UP-IN-OUT experience. It is up because we serve out of obedience to who Jesus calls us to be. It is an experience because when we serve, we serve with other Jesus followers, which helps us grow. And it's an out experience because whether we are serving somewhere like Heart or one of our four campuses, we are on a mission with Jesus and serve many people who don't yet know Him.

This coming year, we will continue focusing on making the volunteer experience at Hosanna excellent and meaningful. We will continue recruiting more people to partner with Hosanna to fulfill our mission. We will continue to work on how we celebrate and appreciate our volunteers. This coming year, a big part of our focus on the volunteer experience will be having our staff be more intentional about connecting with, encouraging, leading, and developing our volunteers. We will achieve that by having each of our campus staff members spend 25% of their work time connecting with volunteers! This strategy will go a long way in helping us create a wonderful volunteer experience across our entire system.

Worship Arts

One of our favorite highlights this year was our 12 hours of worship on Palm Sunday. We involved musicians from all four Hosanna campuses and centered our focus on worship through music. Thousands of people came to worship throughout the day. It was a fantastic way to kick off Holy Week.

This year, the Hosanna Music Academy averaged over 50 weekly lessons across all four campuses! Music Academy students are being raised and equipped to be future worship leaders; we are excited about what God has in store for them!

Our worship teams lead for Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge spiritual emphasis week. Powerful times of worship seeing many come to the hope of Jesus.

We brought the Christmas Concert back for the first time in two years! This was a win for the community, partnering with two high schools (Shakopee & Belle Plaine). We had our largest Hosanna Adult choir, which consisted of over 150 people. The concert included community partnerships with local dancers, aerolists, and a full orchestra. We sold out four performances, meaning we had 10,000+ people walk through our doors! 

We look forward to partnering with the Lakeville, Farmington, & Belle Plaine High School choirs for this year’s concert. We also have over 150 adults who will be singing in the adult choir! As we look ahead, we are excited to partner with the Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge Choir for our Easter services in 2024.


FY23 Revenue
Lakeville General Fund
Shakopee General Fund
Northfield General Fund
Rosemount General Fund
Total General Fund
Designated Fund & Ministry Income
Total Revenue
$ 9,067, 192
$ 1,202,981
$ 817,466
$ 1,096,122
$ 12,183,761
$ 1,587,983
$ 13,771,744
FY23 Expenses
Facilities Management
Family Ministries
Adult, Care & Impact Ministries
Campus Ministries
Ministry Services  
Worship, Production & Comm.
Debt Service  
Total Expenses    
Total                  %
$ 1,712,558         11.56
$ 1,973,036       13.32
$ 1,408,280      9.50
$ 1,922,059       12.97
$ 2,093,314       14.13
$ 2,101,069        14.18
$ 2,526,436       17.05
$ 1,079,797        7.29
$ 14,816,549    100.00
FY23 Tithe by Geographic Location

FY23 Tithe by Organization Type*
Local Partners
National Partners
Global Partners
$ 624,761
$ 46,000
$ 1,041,797
$ 1,712,558
$ 10,000
$ 520,761
$ 40,000
$ 838,496
$ 100,000
$ 203,301
$ 1,712,558
*Affiliations-Denominational & other organizational relationships | Local partners-Nonprofit, civic, and ministry partners of each campus, Care Ministry, and HEART | National partners-Church and nonprofit partners of HEART outside of Minnesota | Global partners-Primarily our partners in Ethiopia, Haiti, and India and also includes Syria/Turkey earthquake relief | Churches-Local church partners in mission with Hosanna
FY23 Financials
FY23 General Fund giving was below the fiscal year 2022 giving by 5.4%.  

So many of you excel in the “grace of giving.” Here are some numbers to illustrate that:
  • 465 first-time givers
  • 1,423 recurring givers 
  • 69 people stepped into tithing through the 90-Day Tithe Challenge 

Yes, these numbers are essential, but we know that giving is a journey of the heart.  
  • You gave big during our three unique offerings, where all giving goes outside the church's walls!
    • Thanksgiving - $708,970
    • Christmas - $217,782
    • Easter - $455,986
  • Capital improvements are built into the General Fund budget.  We paused some capital investments with the gap between actual and budgeted giving. We did spend $269,000 for capital items such as a new work truck, a refresh of the Columbarium, and equipment and facility improvements at HEART and all four campuses.
  • We continue to accelerate our mortgage payments, reducing our debt by $843,000.  
  • We adhere to financial best practices by maintaining a three-month minimum of cash reserves as our lender requires. We also have an additional month of designated funds to carry into FY24 for future growth and capital needs. Additionally, we have an annual audit/review conducted by an independent accounting firm. 
  • We expect to finalize the sale of land (pending at $475,000) to Ebenezer for its senior co-op, Estoria, this fall. This is approximately four acres on the southwest corner of the Lakeville Campus.  

Looking Ahead to Fiscal Year 2024

As we prepare for FY24, our Vision Board approved a budget of $13.1 million, which is 8% more than our FY23 general fund actuals, to accomplish the mission God has placed on our hearts. Thank you, Hosanna faith community, for being part of this movement to humbly and boldly multiply the hope and heartbeat of Jesus