A Year With Jesus

What Is "A Year With Jesus"?

No matter where you are on the journey with Jesus, we invite you to spend the year learning about who He is. Our goal is to know Jesus better; it is not an agenda but a journey.  A 52-week journey with Jesus! We hope that by the end of our 52-week journey with Jesus, our lives and the lives of others we do life with daily will be transformed; we will be Made New In 52! 

*Note, you can join this journey anytime throughout the year! Need not be present since week one of the 52-week journey! We recognize and believe that the individual desire to walk with or get to know Jesus is unique to every one of us and depends on the season of life we are currently in. We can't wait for you to join the journey with us!

Sermon Series & Conversation Guides

As we spend a year on this journey with Jesus, we invite you to lean in and consider that our current image of Jesus may be incomplete, immature, or even influenced and that he wants to re-veal himself to us in ways that will ignite or rekindle our love for him and desire to follow him in ways we never thought possible. To cultivate further conversation within community groups, families, or even friend groups, we have created a weekly conversation guide to coincide with each message throughout the year. Catch up on our year-long journey and find the conversation guides here:

Series 1: The Real Life of Jesus

Series 2: Who Is This Man

Series 3: Jesus According to Jesus

Made New In 52 

Coined by our lead pastor, Ryan Alexander, the saying Made New In 52 has become our slogan for a Year With Jesus. We want this year to be transformative for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and to be "MadeNewIn52"!

Want to represent this year-long journey and be a proud ambassador for what it means to be Made New In 52? We have made it easy! We are currently offering MadeNewIn52 merchandise. Check out our current offerings HERE. Group Code: Hosanna 23