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Psalm 34:5 reminds us, “Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces” (NLT).

God intends for us to walk in abundant life with Him. On this path, we overcome shame to experience the fullness of joy. But what is shame? It’s the “thing behind the thing” that prevents real freedom. When we look to the cross, we see that Jesus’ love made a way for not only forgiveness, but true joy. His outstretched arms cover more than forgiveness of guilt, they call us into healing from shame. In turn, we become rooted in a new identity, a child of God. Our Savior’s scars are victorious, bringing us into new life. The cross welcomes us into the complete Gospel and Good News of Jesus. With two arms outstretched on the cross, the entire body of Christ is set free.

Two Arms: Week 4

Julia Holtze, Spiritual Formation Pastor • 10/22/17

Two Arms: Week 3

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 10/15/17

Two Arms: Week 2

Jenn Alexander, Worship Service Coordinator and Worship Leader • 10/08/17

Two Arms: Week 1

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 09/30/17
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