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Throughout scripture, God calls people to the mountaintop. It’s in these places that He reveals Himself in powerful and transformative ways. We see this come to life in our own stories as well. Our lives are changed on the mountain. Even so, we often reach the top with tired legs. We look down at the path we’ve climbed and are reminded of a powerful truth: we can’t reach the peak without walking through the valley. Real life, in all its fullness, is lived on the level places. This summer, we’ll take this journey together – exploring one biblical peak after another. In the stories of those who came before us, we’ll discover that wherever we are, we stand on the solid grace, truth, and love of God.

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Mount of Olives

Jared Van Voorst, Lakeville Campus Pastor • 09/02/18

Temple Mount | Lakeville

Luke Allison • 08/26/18

Mount Ararat

Per Nilsen • 08/19/18

Temple Mount | Shakopee

Ken Castor • 08/12/18

Mount Calvary | Lakeville

Julia Holtze, Spiritual Formation Pastor • 08/12/18

Mount of the Great Commission

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 08/05/18

Mount Sinai

Jenn Alexander, Worship Service Coordinator and Worship Leader • 07/29/18

Mount of Transfiguration | Shakopee

Ken Castor • 07/22/18

Mount of Transfiguration | Lakeville

Jared Van Voorst, Lakeville Campus Pastor • 07/22/18

Mount Carmel

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 07/15/18

Mount of Beatitudes

Julia Holtze, Spiritual Formation Pastor • 07/08/18

Mount Moriah

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 07/01/18

Mount Nebo

Per Nilsen • 06/24/18
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