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About the Series

Jesus’ irresistible love is boundless. When we look at His life and ministry, we see there are no boundaries to whom He loved, welcomed and reached. Each week of this series, we will dive into an encounter that Jesus had with a person who was “out of bounds,” and we’ll discover how we can be examples of boundless love in our world today. 

The Boundless Series begins the weekend of February 2 & 3 and will run until the weekend of February 23 & 24. 

Boundless Love Offering | February 14-18

Help bring our vision to life by giving to Hosanna Church anytime February 14–18. All donations (one-time and recurring) received during this time will go towards the Boundless Love Offering to support partners and ministries around the globe. Click here to learn more and give. 

Boundless: Week 4

Aaron Davitch, Shakopee Campus Pastor • 02/24/19

Boundless: Week 4

Jenn Alexander, Worship Service Coordinator and Worship Leader • 02/24/19

Boundless: Week 3

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 02/17/19

Boundless: Week 2

Julia Holtze, Spiritual Formation Pastor • 02/10/19

Boundless: Week 1

Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor • 02/03/19
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