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Thank you, Hosanna, for your faithful tithes and offerings in 2022.  Giving statements were emailed on January 25, 2023.  Check your spam/junk file if you do not see the statement in your inbox.  Paper copies were mailed to persons who do not have an email on file.  Please reach out to   with questions or follow these instructions in PushPay to access your digital statement.  Thank you!

You are part of a church that is on a mission to humbly and boldly look more like Jesus. Collectively, our financial generosity multiplies the hope and heartbeat of Jesus—in our local communities and across the globe—through irresistible love, generosity and unity.

Why Do We Give?


Freedom for the Giver

We give because He first gave to us and we want to bring our first and best to Him. When we bring our tithe—our first 10%—to God with a joyful and obedient heart, we trust and know that He will take care of the rest of our needs.




Provision for the Vision

Every time Hosanna Church receives your tithes and offerings, you fulfill our shared mission to walk humbly with God, boldly declaring the Good News of Jesus in our community and across the globe.

Annual Impact

Messages on Giving

True Net Worth

Full Series

Two Masters

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Ways to Give

Additional Ways to Give

Stock/Mutual Funds

Check with your professional advisor about how giving long-term appreciated assets may help you give more and reduce your taxable income. The following forms provide instructions and details you need to gift an appreciated asset.

Stock Donation Form

Mutual Fund Donation Form

Please contact Stacey Peterson at 952-898-9122 or with any questions.  Thank you! 

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) + IRA Charitable Rollover (QCD)

You can use your DAF to support Hosanna Church.  Here is the basic information you will need when requesting a grant from your DAF:  

Hosanna Church, Tax ID - 41-1416314, 9600 163rd St. W, Lakeville, MN  55044. Please contact  Stacey Peterson with questions.

If you are 70 ½ or older, you can give up to $100,000 per year directly from your IRA to a qualified charity, like Hosanna Church. Since this gift does not count as income, you do not pay taxes on it. Beginning in the year you turn 72, you can use your Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD). Please check with your tax advisor and IRA administrator for further advice and information. Here is the basic information you will need when giving from your IRA:  Hosanna Church, Tax ID - 41-1416314, 9600 163rd St. W, Lakeville, MN  55044.

Planned Giving + Endowment 

Planned gifts allow you to make gifts through your estate so you can support Hosanna Church upon your passing. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate your values and continue your legacy of faith and generosity. There are many options for planned giving, including:

Bequests: There are many ways to make a provision for Hosanna Church through your estate. A simple bequest is the most common.  In your will, you can designate a specific gift amount, a percent of your estate or the remaining value of your estate. If you have already made a provision for Hosanna in your will, you can let us know by completing and returning this form.

Retirement account designation: You can make Hosanna a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement assets.  Talk with your plan administrator to learn more.  

Give and receive: There are ways to give that provide a lifetime income while supporting Hosanna and other non-profits important to you. Please contact Keevan Kosidowski, Director of Giving Ministry, at 952.892.9752 for more information.

Endowment: The Hosanna Endowment, established in 2018, is an income producing fund managed by Thrivent Charitable Impact and Investing.  Donor gifts to the endowment are invested and a portion of the annual earnings are used to fund the mission and vision of Hosanna.  Through the Endowment, givers sow seeds to secure a strong, God-honoring financial future for Hosanna. 

Learn More and watch the video to hear from Lead Pastor Ryan Alexander and Founding Pastor Bill Bohline about the Hosanna Endowment. 


Thrivent Choice Dollars + Other Ways to Give 

Real estate may be donated to the church. Please be sure to contact Hosanna Church first and also consult IRS requirements for these types of gifts. 

For gifts of other tangible assets such as vehicles, jewelry, antiques, or collectibles, the items will need to be sold first and the proceeds donated.

For additional information or questions about the additional ways to give outlined above, please contact Stacey Peterson,  Director of Accounting, at 952.898.9122 or Keevan Kosidowski, Director of Giving Ministry, at 952.892.9752.


Thrivent Choice Dollars - Are you a member of Thrivent Financial? You can recommend that Thrivent distribute some of its Choice Dollars (charitable outreach funds) to Hosanna Church by clicking here.


Thanks to each of you for extending giving to your campuses and beyond. We'll believe the Lord will be at work creating community and connections when hearts seem especially open. Contact Keevan Kosidowski for any questions at .