Adult Ministries

Building a deeper understanding of faith and better connection to fellow believers

Our adult ministries are structured to help you walk the discipleship path toward a relationship with Christ that is irresistible to your community.

We have numerous opportunities available for you to learn about the faith, to connect with others, to deepen your prayer life, and to influence people around you so that you may look more like Jesus day after day.


Derek Broten

Adult Equipping Director

Dianne Horton

Adult Ministries Director

Carley Reinke

Adult Ministries Director

Lu Webber

Life Events Coordinator & Chaplain

Ali Wellman

Global Impact Coordinator

Tony Caterina

Community Impact Director

Liz Adrian

Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant

Ray Van Gilst

Adult Ministries Director

Jessi Brink

Adult Ministries Director

Lisa Reid

Coaching Director

Regina Kehl

Groups Director

Hosanna Church

We are one church with four locations multiplying the hope and heartbeat of Jesus with irresistible love, generosity and unity.