Worship Arts

At Hosanna Church we seek to provide excellent music with a relevant sound to facilitate our worship experience. We value a variety of musical genres and traditions and intentionally lead modern worship songs alongside ancient hymns. Our Hosanna Church Worship leaders are talented songwriters who use their gifts to occasionally partner with our teachers in bringing original music to our congregation.

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Original Music

Our worship leaders are talented songwriters and musicians who use their gifts to bring original music to our congregation and community. We create this music to bless others and open doors for worshipping and connecting with God. We welcome you to download our tracks to enjoy and share!

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Chris Greseth

Worship Pastor

Jenn Alexander

Weekend Service Coordinator & Worship Pastor

Jon Russell

Worship Leader

Austin Bowling

Children's Ministries Worship Coordinator

Pat Shelby

Worship Leader

Nic Riley

Worship Leader

Drew Russell

Worship Leader

Kathryn Martin

Head of Music Academy

Hosanna Church

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