Hosanna! Church

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John’s Story

Yes, even when the easier answer would have been ‘no’.

These days, getting anywhere for John takes effort, his lungs work in overdrive due to lung disease and cancer. Even with the support from his faithful oxygen tank ‘Lars’, walking short distances leaves him winded. The simplest tasks, like coming to worship on Sundays, takes endurance and faithfulness.

Recently, John was feeling particularly rundown. Waking up on a Sunday morning in a great deal of pain, he questioned if he could realistically make the trek to Hosanna!. But, the Holy Spirit had other plans, and he felt led to attend. Sitting in the worship center, John felt overwhelming pain and pressure in his body, until Pastor Jared VanVoorst began preaching.

Halfway through the sermon, John felt a sense of calm setting in. By the end, the pain and pressure in his body was completely removed by the Holy Spirit. He felt phenomenal – the best he had in years. John was overcome with emotion. In his 85 years of life, he’d never experienced anything like this. He felt God speaking to him, saying, “John, your pain and suffering is gone for today. Keep up the good work.”

He left Hosanna! that morning a new man. And while the pain hasn’t fully subsided, John’s faith is stronger than ever. He anxiously awaits the next opportunity to say yes to God.