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Kingdom Expansion

Kingdom Expansion

God is writing a story through your life. Hosanna’s goal is to move people toward using this story to make an impact. Kingdom living is all about God developing us so that we can multiply the hope and heartbeat of Jesus. We believe that God uniquely gifts and impassions people to accomplish specific Kingdom assignments while here on earth.

Impact Areas

These are strategic initiatives chosen by Hosanna!, with the purpose to have a significant effect on entire communities or nations. It is holistic in approach, and there are many avenues for involvement. We have dedicated extra time, energy, and resources to bring the Kingdom to these locations

India, Hands of Freedom

Hands of Freedom enables, equips, and empowers people in India who live below the poverty line to live a life of hope. Churches play a critical role as a hub for spiritual, economic, and social development. Each new church helps develop leadership skills among pastors and members, provides spiritual assistance to those in need, and serves as the nucleus of economic activity in the community.

HEART (Hosanna! Emergency Action Response Team)

You have an opportunity to help respond to individuals, families, or communities in an emergency situation. We provide support through physical, emotional, and spiritual care. Prayer is the foundation for all that we do.

Hosanna, Ethiopia

We are making a difference through child sponsorship, ministry to women on the street and in prison, raising up leaders, and developing partnerships in the community, teaching Kingdom principles to local law enforcement, developing a training center and business so families can pull themselves out of poverty, providing fresh drinking water to the community, scholarships for future pastors, and partnering with local churches.

Impact Trips

Impact Trips are a great way to live out your faith and experience rapid spiritual growth while often gaining a new perspective by being immersed in a different culture. As you serve, you’ll learn, grow, and be transformed in your own faith walk.

Impact Team

Provide taste & touch opportunities to experience Kingdom Impact.

  • Hosanna! Teams – Teams that serve the needs of the church, typically within the church walls.
  • HEART – Teams that serve emergency needs within the region, as well as national & international disasters.
  • Local Partner Ministries – Non-Hosanna! teams that reach in our community and Twin Cities area.
  • International/Traveling Teams – Short-term teams around the globe.
  • Impact Groups – Small groups with an Impact focus: Safe Families, Adoption/Orphan Care, Team World Vision, and Community Gardens. Search “Impact Groups” under category type.
  • Incorporate your faith into your work. Check out the Work Life Ministry website.

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