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Hosanna! Stories

Hosanna! Stories

Jon’s Story

Saying ‘yes’ to baptism gave Jon a true understanding of what it means to be a child of God. 

Neal’s Story 

Saying ‘yes’ to one simple prayer brought new life with Jesus. 

Betty’s Story

Saying ‘yes’ to the Lord has brought hope and joy. 

Chris and John’s Story

Healed by the Holy Spirit after saying ‘yes’ to prayer.

John’s story begins and ends with a miracle. As a musician, a 20 year battle with fibromyalgia robbed him of the joy of playing guitar.

One night at Hosanna!, John spoke with Worship Pastor Chris Greseth. He complimented Chris’ guitar and shared his passion for music. As a response, Chris asked if he could pray over John’s hands. The power of saying yes to this prayer led to miraculous healing. John is now able to pick up the guitar. Thanks be to God, he is playing pain-free today.

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Heather’s Story

One big ‘yes’, threw open the door to many more.

When you’re a mom to a 7 year old, 4 year old and 18 month old, your mission field is often within the walls of your home. Wiping up spills, drying tears and getting kids to bed only by the grace of God. So, when Heather saw the opportunity for a Hosanna! missions trip to Ethiopia, she felt God speaking  – asking her to say yes to a new adventure.

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Haley’s Story

Despite fear, healing came from saying ‘yes’.

Fear and anxiety were unwelcome guests in Haley’s life. As a child, anxiety had such a stronghold on her that at times, she couldn’t leave her home. She was paralyzed by fear, often to the point of physical sickness. As Haley got older, she developed an extreme fear of flying. It was debilitating and disappointing to watch friends and family experience adventures without her.

Fast forward a few months, and Haley’s husband suggested her as a last minute leader for a Haiti missions trip.

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John’s Story

‘Yes’, even when the easier answer would have been ‘no’.

These days, getting anywhere for John takes effort, his lungs work in overdrive due to lung disease and cancer. Even with the support from his faithful oxygen tank ‘Lars’, walking short distances leaves him winded. The simplest tasks, like coming to worship on Sundays, takes endurance and faithfulness.

Recently, John was feeling particularly rundown. Waking up on a Sunday morning in a great deal of pain, he questioned if he could realistically make the trek to Hosanna!. But, the Holy Spirit had other plans…

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Archie’s Story

Said ‘yes’ to trust and hope in his lowest moment.

Archie likes to say he spent most of his life as a ‘mummified Christian’. He went through the motions – going to worship, taking communion, and celebrating holidays, but he always felt like he was missing something. Archie started experiencing God’s promises of love and patience in a new way. God began unwrapping layers, revealing new truths a little at a time. In turn, Archie’s heart opened to the power of the cross.

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Chuck’s Story

An extraordinary opportunity to say ‘yes’ face-to-face.

Chuck no longer wonders what he’ll do when he sees Jesus face-to-face. He knows, because he already has.

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Casey’s Story

Said ‘yes’ and trusted God to work out the details.

It all started with a simple prayer. “God, how can I serve you?”.

Then, the email came asking Casey if he’d consider being a PowerLife leader for seventh grade boys. Feeling this was a clear-cut answer to prayer, Casey said yes to serving without hesitation.

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There is a common theme throughout these stories – all were living self-described ordinary lives, but they became extraordinary. Some asked God to lead them. Some surrendered their lives to God. Some were just in weak or low moments. They all said yes. God met them in those moments and turned something ordinary into something extraordinary. He transformed their lives. We all have an extraordinary moment when we too say ‘yes’ – please submit your story here.