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Music Academy

Music Academy

The Hosanna! Music Academy develops and nurtures the musical gift that exists inside each person, training students to help lead excellent worship experiences.

Music Academy Students:

  • Are trained on their instrument of choice.
  • Have a direct outlet and opportunity to practice playing in a band.
  • Have a long history of learning their instrument at Hosanna! and playing in our worship bands.
  • Receive the education and personal fulfillment that learning a musical instrument generates as well as a lifelong skill that can be given back in service to the Lord.

We are blessed to partner with you to develop God-given potential in an excellent manner!

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  • Lakeville
  • Shakopee
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Registration and Tuition

Register, pay tuition, find tutorials, music, receive invites to rehearsals and band nights, all in one place in our new registration system!

Summer tuition:

  • $200, paid online at registration.
  • Failure to pay tuition by the first lesson of the month will result in a cancellation of your lesson time and teacher.
  • You will receive a reminder email if you have not paid tuition by the last week of the month.


  • Tuition is based on registration, not attendance, as lesson time is designated for you at registration. Your lesson and monthly band experience are reserved for you whether you attend or not.
  • If there is a true emergency or extenuating circumstance, your teacher can try to work with you to reschedule, but this may not be possible. In this event, let us know and we will try to work with you as best we can.
  • If a lesson is cancelled by a teacher, it will be rescheduled, made up, or a refund/credit given.
  • Students are expected to complete the month of lessons for which they have registered.

Thoughts to encourage parents…

Learning a musical instrument is a life-long endeavor. Experts say it takes approximately 10,000 hours to produce mastery of any skill. Learn to enjoy and celebrate each step of the process!

  • Your partnership to help your child establish a practice routine is crucial to their success.
  • A student’s work ethic will contribute far more to their success than perceived talent.
  • Encourage and praise your student’s perseverance to ‘work at it.’ This perseverance goes a long way both in music and in life!
  • Think of lessons as an investment into an amazing ability they have the potential to develop. It will take determination, consistency, and work.
  • Honest feedback coupled with support in learning supply the motivation to master each skill. We provide measurable step-by-step markers that help students know where they are in the process.
  • Remember, a mistake is but a step or two away from a level of excellence with practice! Working through mistakes is a step in the process toward mastery. Frustration and mistakes normal, expected and part of the process.
  • The joy and pleasure that comes from being able to play music for a lifetime is well worth the time, effort, and investment!

We celebrate your students’ hard work and perseverance! Learning a musical instrument in this context can be life-changing. Thank you for your partnership in developing your child’s musical potential!


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