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First Communion

First Communion

Children’s Ministries is pleased to offer First Communion twice yearly to students in grade 4 and up. First Communion helps us discover God’s plan, which includes His sacrifice upon the cross and His love for His children. A parent/child class, Bible Journal, cross, certificate, and special family service are all part of Hosanna! First Communion.

During the service, students will be called forward to receive Communion, return to seats, and begin Communion service to rest of congregants.

A note on dress: There is no dress code for First Communion. While some families dress in traditional white dresses and suits, other families will choose to wear their Sunday best. Children sit with their family and friends during the service.

Questions?  Contact childrens@hosannalc.org or 952-898-9612

Lakeville Campus Schedule:

9–9:30 am Check in at Worship Center
9:30–10 am First Communion Class (Parent(s) and child participate, class begins promptly at 9:30 and includes teaching on First Communion as well as order of First Communion service).
10–10:15 am Break (Meet up with extended family and friends to be seated for service. Restrooms are located throughout the atrium).
10:15–11:30 am First Communion Service

Shakopee Campus Schedule:

Prior to Communion service, mandatory parent/student class Wednesday evening, 7:30-8 pm

First Communion during the 9 and 11 am service. Please come to the service you selected during your registration.