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Infant/Child Baptism

Infant/Child Baptism

Hosanna! is pleased to offer traditional infant/children’s baptisms for ages infant – Grade 5. We teach that Jesus instituted Holy Baptism, that God truly acts in this sacrament, and that faith is essential for its effectiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to be a member of Hosanna! or a Lutheran to have my child baptized? 
    • No, but we would like you to consider Hosanna! to be your church home or faith community if you do not have one.
  • Do I need to have sponsors or godparents?
    • Many people choose to have them, but it is not required.
  • Can I be baptized with my child? 
    • Yes – we would love to accommodate your family for a parent/child baptism.
  • What age can I baptize my child?
    • Any age is appropriate if parents are committed to supporting their child’s faith journey.
  • What does the child who is getting baptized wear?
    • Any outfit you choose!
  • Are we the only family?
    • In order to create a faith community, several families will be at each baptism. It is limited to 50 families.
  • Does Hosanna! perform private baptisms?
    • Emergency baptism requests are discerned by staff. Please contact childrens@hosannalc.org for consideration of an emergency baptism or for questions you may have.

Further Questions? 

Important Information:

  • A Mandatory Class is required prior to participating. Please register for the class below. Taking the class will give you a more thorough understanding of Hosanna’s baptism statement. This will make for a richer experience on the actual day of your infant/child’s baptism. Classes are offered Saturdays and Mondays at varying times. 
  • After class, you will receive confirmation of your Infant/Child Baptism date (see dates available for baptisms in the class registration)
  • Infants/Children being baptized will be recognized directly following worship services
  • We’ll make sure to print a personalized baptism certificate. Please be on time to ensure a stress-free day for everyone. Afterwards, celebrate with your family and friends at the location of your choice! Please note: Celebrations after the service must be held off-site.