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Chuck’s Story

An extraordinary opportunity to say ‘yes’ face-to-face.

Chuck no longer wonders what he’ll do when he sees Jesus face-to-face. He knows, because he already has.

On a trip to the ER, a numb leg turned into a devastating coma. Doctors spent nine days fighting for Chuck’s life. All the while, family, friends, and the Hosanna! HEART team prayed for healing and an encounter with the Lord. Their prayers were answered.

While in his coma, Chuck experienced Jesus face-to-face. Overwhelmed with warmth and light, He knew he was in the presence of the Lord. Chuck wasn’t there in body, but he was there in heart and soul. In awe of his heavenly surroundings, Jesus told Chuck how much He loved him, and he felt an overwhelming joy from the Lord. Chuck and Jesus discussed some of his family members and past experiences, which deepened his faith and led to moments of surrendering some things in his life back to the Lord.  

Chuck then asked, “Do you have a place in heaven for me today?”. Jesus responded, “Not yet, you will be okay, and you will experience my everlasting peace.” Jesus told Chuck he was glorified by his praise, service and worship. The entire time, Chuck was overwhelmed by love and warmth, unlike anything he has ever experienced.

As he awoke from the coma, Chuck had quite a story to tell. He was a new man, inspired to serve the Lord even more, with all of his heart. “Saying yes to the Lord will be the most important thing you do in your life,” he says, “Embrace your yes, and hold on for the ride.”