Hosanna! Church

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Chris & John’s Story

Healed by the Holy Spirit after saying ‘yes’ to prayer.

John’s story begins and ends with a miracle. As a musician, a 20 year battle with fibromyalgia robbed him of the joy of playing guitar.

One night at Hosanna!, John spoke with Worship Pastor Chris Greseth. He complimented Chris’ guitar and shared his passion for music. As a response, Chris asked if he could pray over John’s hands. The power of saying yes to this prayer led to miraculous healing. John is now able to pick up the guitar. Thanks be to God, he is playing pain-free today.

Recently, Chris Everett and John met through Prayer Team #5 at Hosanna!, and they connected over their love for playing guitar. John shared his testimony, and it resonated with Chris – he too was battling a large cyst on the back of his hand. John’s recovery through prayer gave Chris a deeper faith and sense of hope as he listened and received the story of God’s healing.

The following day, Chris looked at his hand with awe. The cyst that had been there for over a year was completely gone. Chris had listened to John’s testimony and God did the rest. Humbled by their miracles, Chris and John want others to know that anything is possible with God – you just need to say yes.