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Campus Updates

Thank you to all who participated in the live-streamed Congregational Meeting on Monday, June 29th. Results from the member vote from the Congregational Meeting to approve the proposed sale of land at the Lakeville Campus:


YES = 388 votes (86.6%) NO = 60 votes (13.4%)

The members of Hosanna have approved the sale of approximately 7-acres on the west border of the Lakeville Campus. 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that have been imposed on our community to congregate, the voting for approval sought at this meeting will not be done by written ballot as prescribed by our Bylaws. In the current situation, compliance with this requirement is not possible. Given the need to obtain the member’s approval for the sale of the property, the Vision Board has elected to hold a special meeting of the members on Monday, June 29th at 7:00 PM,  and allow voting for the matter via email link to an online ballot.

Members Were Asked to Approve:

 “The members of Hosanna approve the sale of the approximately 7-acre parcel on the west border of the Lakeville Campus, for an amount in excess of $500,000 to a purchaser and for a purpose to be approved by the Vision Board.”


How do I participate in the meeting?

The entire Hosanna community is invited to attend the meeting, but only Hosanna members may vote on the resolution. There will be a link on the top of this page to join the meeting on Monday. Members will be sent an email on Monday to join the meeting as well. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact  or call 952-435-3332. 

Why is a vote needed to sell this land?

Hosanna Bylaws require a congregational member vote for any transaction over $500,000. Previously, the congregation voted to sell the 6-acre parcel specifically for an affordable housing project. Because Dakota County tax credits were not received for this project, the developer withdrew their offer in October 2019. We now seek approval for the sale of the land for market-rate residential housing. 

Who can vote? How will we vote?

Anyone can attend the meeting, however our bylaws state that only members of Hosanna can vote. We will live-stream a special meeting for the Members of Hosanna on Monday, June 29th at 7:00 pm.  Each Member of Hosanna will receive a link to a ballot where they will enter their name to verify membership and a vote on the sale of the land.

What land parcel is being sold?

Approximately 7 of our total 44 acres on the western border of our Lakeville Campus is listed for sale. Click here to see the map.

Who will Hosanna sell the land parcel to?

While there may be multiple offers, we are currently entertaining an offer from DR Horton, for approximately 7 acres, to develop a 63-65 unit multi-family housing project for $825,000. This price is consistent with recent comparable sales in the area.

What happened with the planned sale for an affordable housing project? 

The 6-acre parcel intended for affordable housing fell through due to a lack of Dakota County tax credits. Timberland has withdrawn its offer to purchase the land.

What’s the land parcel sale timeline? 

If the congregation approves, we will seek agreement on terms for a purchase agreement with the developer.  There will be a number of contingencies (city approvals, environmental testing, etc) with work through early 2021.  Assuming all the contingencies can be resolved, we will close on the sale in the spring of 2021, with a planned construction start spring/summer of 2021.

What is the plan for the remaining parcels of land that have not been sold? 

Please refer to the Hosanna Master Plan to view future plans for the remaining land parcels. Our Lakeville Campus has 10.45 acres available for future development. The projects outlined in the Hosanna Master Plan will be completed as financial and staff resources become available.  

How will Hosanna use the funds from the land parcel sale? 

We will be good stewards of the talents that God has blessed us with (Matthew 25:14-30). The Vision Board and senior leadership are unified in hearing from and trusting God about proceeding with this opportunity. Proceeds from the land parcel sale will be used in full alignment with Hosanna’s “10-10-80” approach, meaning we will obediently tithe 10% to outside partner ministries, use 10% for debt reduction, and assign the remaining 80% to strategic projects that advance our vision to multiply the hope and heartbeat of Jesus. 

Who do I contact if I have questions? 

For any additional questions, join our live Q&A discussion during the Special Meeting on June 29th, 7:00 PM, or email Jennifer Ford, Executive Director of Ministry Services at

Four Campus Property Updates: 

All Campuses:

  • Monument, exterior wayfinding and building signage completed 
  • Campus Maps showing the location of each of our 4 campuses 

Lakeville Campus:  

  • A potential sale of the 7-acre parcel on the west of Lakeville Campus
  • Lakeville interior improvements underway, summer of 2020
  • Gift Shop transitioning to an atrium kiosk

Rosemount Campus:

  • Construction underway for Hope Fieldhouse.  Expected open Summer 2020.
  • The design allows for future expansion to connect buildings if needed for church growth
  • Security and IT improvements underway summer of 2020

Shakopee Campus:

  • Sale of land for Taco Bell allowed for Shakopee interior improvements
  • Parking lot improvements planned for summer of 2020
  • HEART warehouse and Heartland Outlet signage coming soon

Northfield Campus:

  • Chapel structural improvements completed improving floor support
  • Security and IT improvements underway summer of 2020