Rosemount Campus Update

    Oct 1, 2021 | by Peder Eide

    Our Community Back2School Bash was really a culmination of our summer goals as a church in the community.

    We first wanted to help connect, build, and deepen relationships with people in Rosemount neighborhoods and to get them connected with each other. We discovered after COVID so many people need avenues and opportunities to be with each other and renew relationships, and as a church we wanted the chance to provide that. 

    Throughout the year, we did this through new initiatives like Garage Gatherings in Hosanna members garages, student gatherings at their houses, and partnering with local churches and HEART to bring food and presence into neighborhoods of people we don’t yet know well. 

    The second step was intentional partnering with the Rosemount Police, the City of Rosemount, and HEART where we as church came in to support what the city was doing to serve our communities. Sometimes it was one-on-one coffees with new conversations and sometimes it was an event where we as a church could serve hundreds of people. 

    When the Community Back2School Bash came to be in August, it highlighted so much of the work of our staff/leaders and volunteers through the summer. People greeting people by name, blessing each other, experiencing generosity, and as so many said, feeling like they belong. We really do desire to “love people until they ask us why,” and when they ask why it’s the greatest question you can get asked. It’s when we get to put point them to answer who is Jesus in a new way.

    Pastor Peder

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