Northfield Campus Update

    Oct 1, 2021 | by Dean Swenson

    Let me tell you a story of one man who embodied UP, IN, and OUT this year. 

    This past year, we had a new visitor on our campus who was drawn to this smaller yet impactful church in Northfield. From the moment he stepped into the building, he knew he was in the right place. Even while struggling with life circumstances, he consistently showed up and sought after the Lord on campus. 

    Eventually, he met with me and said, “Place me wherever the greatest need is so I can be of service.” This began with greeting, ushering, and garbage duty, stepping up and into serving our community. He began to identify with others and address Hosanna as his faith family. 

    Then after another month passed, he began to step into Hosanna’s prayer ministry training, care training, and Community Group training; all for the purpose of being ready to serve wherever the Lord would place him. 

    Today, he serves as our Weekend Hospitality Lead and leads local missions teams out into the community to repair and replace heat-tape for water pipes for families living in Rice County mobile home communities. At every opportunity he is inviting others to jump in and join in to make a difference for the Kingdom. 

    It’s incredible to see the whole scope of the UP, IN, and OUT kind of life exemplified in this one person, spurred on to be the one that personally shares the hope and heartbeat of Jesus, humbly and boldly.

    Pastor Dean

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