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Archie’s Story

Said ‘yes’ to trust and hope in his lowest moment.

Archie likes to say he spent most of his life as a ‘mummified Christian’. He went through the motions – going to worship, taking communion, and celebrating holidays, but he always felt like he was missing something. Archie started experiencing God’s promises of love and patience in a new way. God began unwrapping layers, revealing new truths a little at a time. In turn, Archie’s heart opened to the power of the cross.

Archie felt God move nearly five years ago, when he learned he had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Faced with this daunting news, he responded with trust. “Use me God, and use this circumstance,” he prayed. “I give You control God.”

On the day of diagnosis, he said yes, and let God work through the heartbreak. In turn, opportunities for impact began to flow. As Archie moved through his daily life, God would nudge him to stop, talk to people, and pray for them – for a fisherman who had recently lost his family; for a restaurant server whose wife was battling cancer; for his roommate in the hospital; for a Muslim nurse who cared for him. Archie has a number of amazing stories about saying yes to prayer.

He is quick to tell you his passion comes from the Holy Spirit. He feels honored to serve the Lord. Despite cancer, he’s never felt more at peace and willing to say yes to God’s call in any situation.