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Hello Church! Thank you for joining us yesterday for our virtual Annual Meeting! We enjoyed spending time in worship with you and discussing where Hosanna has been this past year and where we are headed in the future. It was a great evening spent together.

Annual Meeting Recording

Watch recap: Here

Financial Review Meeting Recording

Watch recap: Here

Vision Board Nominees Approved: Heidi Olson and Jeff Peterson.

Vision Board Nominating Team Approved: Ali Wellman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Annual Report?

Click here to view the FY2022 Annual Report.

What will be on the ballot?

There are two items to vote on: 

  • Vision Board members
  • Vision Board Nominating Team members

How do I become a member so I can vote?

Our current membership process requires participation in our Discover Hosanna class, connecting with your Campus Pastor or assignee, and a signature on our membership covenant. Members must be 18 or older. If you have questions about your membership status, email Marci at

How do I vote? 

All interested parties may participate in the online meeting, but only members on record as of October 27, 2022, will receive an email with a link to an online ballot, one ballot per person. Polling will be open from 8:00 AM on Sunday, October 30 to 11:59 PM on Monday, October 31.

Do you allow absentee ballots?

While we do not allow written absentee ballots, we do allow extended polling time for online ballots. Members can vote Sunday from 8:00 AM until 11:59 PM Monday. You do not need to attend the meeting to vote.

Will I be able to ask questions before or during the meeting?

All questions are welcome. For any questions prior to the meeting, please submit them to Marci at  During the meeting, we will have a moderated live chat with discussion questions submitted to the meeting speakers.

When will the results of the vote be available?

The results of all votes will be posted on this webpage on Wednesday, November 2.

Vision Board Nominating Team - Nominee

Ali Wellman: Ali is a member of Hosanna and is on staff as Global Impact.

Vision Board - Nominees

Heidi Olson:  Heidi Olson attends Hosanna’s Rosemount Campus. Heidi has been married to Andrew for 21 years and they have two children, Karleigh and Kole. They have lived in Rosemount for the past 16 years and have been worshiping at Hosanna Rosemount for over 15 years. Heidi was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home and attended the same church for her entire childhood where she grew to understand the importance of faith, family, fellowship and service.

Her family serves at Hosanna Rosemount on the hospitality team as occasional greeters and Heidi currently serves as a high school leader for senior girls. Her husband serves as a middle school leader of 7th grade boys, and their kids serve in kids ministry. She served on the Community of Hope Board for a number of years, including serving as the President. She also served as an interim member of the Hosanna Vision Board after the adoption of Community of Hope as well as the last three years as an active board member taking on the role of Vice President.

Outside of Hosanna, Heidi is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones serving individuals, small businesses and families. Free time is spent on the pickleball court, golf course, traveling or wherever the kids' activities take them. 

Jeff Peterson:

  Jeff Peterson attends the Hosanna Northfield Campus. Jeff and his wife Ulrika live in Northfield and have three sons and one daughter. Jeff retired from the US Air Force in 2013 after 20 years of service and he currently teaches at MN State University, Mankato in the Department of Aviation.  As a side gig, he and three business partners offer rides out of Historic Stanton Airport in a WWII biplane.

Jeff served on the Rejoice Church Vision Team when the church became a Hosanna Campus. He played an active role in the decision-making process regarding the adoption. Jeff also served as an interim member of the Hosanna Vision Board after the adoption of Rejoice as well as the last three years as an active board member taking on the role of Secretary. On rare occasions you can catch him up front with the Worship Team playing bass guitar.

Vision Board and Nominee Team Vote Final 

The Vision Board and Vision Board Nom Team final vote count is as follows:

Vision Board:

Heidi Olson

Jeff Peterson 

Vision Board Nominating Committee: 

Ali Wellman