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The Columbarium at Hosanna!

The Columbarium at Hosanna!

Columbarium FAQs

What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is a final resting place for your ashes (cremains), or those of a loved one. Niches are individual compartments that hold the cremains. The Columbarium is part of Hosanna’s Chapel and Memorial Gardens, which provide a place to reflect, grieve, honor, and celebrate loved ones.

What is the cost for a niche and what is included?

The one-time Permit fee of $1,900 includes the use of a selected niche, an urn for the cremains, and a distinctive engraved faceplate. Each niche can accommodate up to two urns; maximum urn size is 5.5” x 5.5” x 7”. There is no additional cost to you for the second urn or for an updated engraved faceplate with both names. The fee also supports the ongoing maintenance and care of the Chapel and Memorial Gardens that surround the Columbarium, which is owned and operated by Hosanna! The Permit fee does not include the cost of cremation or funeral service.

Must I make arrangements with any particular cremation society to obtain a niche in Hosanna’s Columbarium?

No. Secure, safe arrangements can be made by you to transfer your loved one’s cremains from any funeral home or cremation society.

May I choose which niche I want in advance?

Yes. You may obtain a Permit and choose any niche from the available niches now even if anticipated use is far into the future. If you would like to secure a niche now for future use, please contact Lu Webber at luannew@hosannalc.org or 952.892.9750.

What if I move away? May I relocate the cremains?

Yes. The cremains may be relocated at your request, and at your expense. There is no refund of the niche Permit fee.

May I leave flowers and notes, etc. to my loved one?

In order to preserve the beauty, unity, and sanctity of the space, no special adornments are allowed on the niches. The niches themselves are tasteful and dignified and the environment is a graceful, sacred place.

What if I obtain a niche Permit now and change my mind later? May I get a refund?

Hosanna! asks that you prayerfully consider your application for a niche. If you obtain a Permit and notify Hosanna! that you have changed your mind within 10 business days of original issuance of the Permit, Hosanna! will cancel your Permit and refund your Permit fee, less any costs incurred by Hosanna! to date, for your Permit.

If you have questions or would like to apply for a niche, please contact Lu Webber at luannew@hosannalc.org or 952.892.9750.