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Formal Land Resolution

Formal Land Resolution

The following formal land resolution was shared with the congregation in early October 2017 and voted upon at the FY17 Annual Meeting. The resolution was approved by congregational members. 

The Formal Land Resolution:

WHEREAS: The Hosanna! Vision Board has deemed it advantageous to explore opportunities to list and sell the church’s property bordered on the north by C.S.A.H. 46, on the east by Itasca Trail, on the south by 163rd St. W., and on the west by the Hosanna! 2nd Addition and with the plan to use the proceeds from any such sale to increase cash flow capability to further Hosanna’s multiple ministry missions.

BE IT RESOLVED: Exploration of the listing and potential sale of the described property should proceed and the Vision Board or its designees are authorized to negotiate and approve any final actions and to execute any instruments, documents or agreements necessary to separate, list and sell this property. 

The Formal Land Resolution FAQs:

How many acres of land are included in the formal land resolution, and where is it located?

  • The formal land resolution includes 5.7 acres of purchased, undeveloped land. This 5.7 acres is a part of the larger 16.15 acres of purchased, undeveloped land. The land in this formal resolution is located in Lakeville off of CR 46, by Itasca Trail and 163rd St. W. Click here for a map.

Knowing the formal land resolution passed, what will the process for the potential land sale look like from here?

  • The Vision Board and senior leadership will direct the engagement of a real estate professional, assess the value of the land and list the land.
  • At the point a reasonable offer is received, a townhall style meeting will be held to answer questions and share details like: who the potential buyer is, stipulations for the use of the land, how the sale proceeds will be used and any additional information related to the sale.

If the land is sold, what are the potential uses for the funds?

  • We want to be good stewards of the “talents” that God has blessed us with (Matthew 25:14-30). The Vision Board and senior leadership are unified in hearing from and trusting God about proceeding with this opportunity. Proceeds from the potential sale will be used in full alignment with Hosanna’s mission, vision and values. Possible uses may include: tithing to outside ministries, paying down some of Hosanna’s debt, and advancement of current ministry strategies, programs and resources.
  • According to our bylaws, any single financial transaction that is $500,000 or higher, requires congregational approval. If such approval becomes necessary, we will provide communication in a clear and timely manner.
  • As an important part of the discernment process, we will prayerfully consider input from the congregation regarding how to best fulfill our Multiply vision at this time.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

  • For any additional questions, please contact Irene Mowrey at 952.898.9141 or irenem@hosannalc.org.