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2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting

The 2018 Hosanna! Annual Meeting was held on October 29, 2018 at the Shakopee campus. Hosanna! partners had the opportunity to vote on the items listed below. Please click here to listen to an audio recording of the meeting. Voting results are as follows: 

  • Proposed adoption of Rejoice! Church in Northfield, MN: The proposed adoption of Rejoice! Church was approved by the congregation in a 93% ‘yes’ vote.
  • Hosanna! Bylaws Updates: The proposed Hosanna! Bylaws updates were approved by the congregation in a 96% ‘yes’ vote. Click here to view a digital copy of the approved Hosanna! Bylaws.
  • Vision Board Nomination: Linda Rukavina was voted onto the Hosanna! Vision Board for a 3 year term in a 96% ‘yes’ vote.
  • Vision Board Nomination: Carol Nissen was voted onto the Hosanna! Vision Board for a 3 year term in a 95% ‘yes’ vote.
  • Vision Board Nominating Committee Nomination: Erik Poch was voted onto the Hosanna! Vision Board Nominating Committee for a 2 year term in a 97% ‘yes’ vote.

Click here for the 2018 Hosanna! Annual Report. 

2018 Hosanna! Annual Meeting FAQ:

Why did we update the Hosanna! Bylaws?

  • To reflect best practices for conducting a church business meeting.
  • To leverage technology for multisite meetings and voting.
  • Click here to view a digital copy of the approved Hosanna! Bylaws. 

Why are we adopting other churches?

  • God is calling us to multiply the hope and heartbeat of Jesus in other communities. Instead of starting a congregation from scratch in these areas, we feel led to come alongside pre-existing churches through adoption. The churches we’ve identified as potential adoptions have demonstrated long-lasting, fruitful relationships with their communities. We are confident that we will be better together.

How was Rejoice! Church selected for adoption?

  • Hosanna! planted Rejoice! Church in Northfield in 2003. They have moved to multiple locations to accommodate growth. In May of 2018, their lead pastor took a call to another church. The Rejoice! Church Vision Team reached out to Hosanna! and Community of Hope (CoH) to ask for pastoral coverage while they consider options. Since mid-June, Per Nilsen from CoH and Dean Swenson from Hosanna! have supported staff and the congregation for their pastoral needs. The Vision Team considered options to call another pastor or enter into an exploration of a partnership with Hosanna!. An Adoption Exploration Team assessed the opportunities and challenges for both organizations, and unanimously recommended that we proceed with the adoption. The Hosanna! Vision Board and the Rejoice! Church Vision Team approved this assessment and agreed to move forward with the adoption process.

What is required to adopt another church?

  • The Hosanna! Bylaws state that the congregation must vote on any transaction exceeding $500,000. Because the value of the Rejoice! Church building and land exceeds this amount, Hosanna! brought this to the congregation for your consideration at the Annual Meeting. Key leaders have conducted a building inspection, a financial review, and an appraisal as requested by our legal counsel and auditors.

What is the cost to adopt Rejoice! Church?

  • As of the adoption date, Hosanna! will assume ownership for all of the assets and liabilities of Rejoice! Church. Hosanna! will invest in production and facility upgrades using existing funds. We will not incur additional debt for these upgrades.

What is the current financial status of Rejoice! Church?

  • Rejoice! Church is a healthy, self-supporting and generous congregation. Currently, Rejoice! Church has an annual budget of $500,000 with $123,000 of total debt and an estimated market value of $842,200.

Who is the new Campus Pastor at the Rejoice! Church location?  

  • Pastor Dean Swenson 

What are the adoption benefits for Rejoice! Church?

  • Ministry Focus: Instead of having to focus on content development, systems, and administrative support, the campus staff will have more freedom to focus on the ministry programs, developing relationships, and making disciples who make disciples.
  • Central Support: As a larger church, Hosanna! has central systems for vision casting, resources, training, accounting, personnel development, human resources, care for grounds, building maintenance, etc. to support the campuses.
  • Leadership Pipeline: A multi-site strategy minimizes the impact and risks involved with pastoral transitions in a single-site church. It also allows intentional opportunities to build future leaders.

How does this help reach the churchless in the south metro?

  • It frees up campus teams to focus more on ministry implementation and people development (i.e. equipping people for ministry), while the central teams focus more on systems, administrative support, and curriculum development. (Acts 6:1-4)
  • It expands Hosanna’s reach with ministry that we strongly feel is Jesus-centered, Spirit-led, and Kingdom-minded.
  • It will provide greater accessibility to people who already have a connection to Hosanna!, but live in Hastings, Farmington, Northfield, Elko, Dundas, Cannon Falls and the surrounding areas.

What is the adoption timeline process?

  • Hosanna! congregation approved the adoption at the 2018 Hosanna! Annual Meeting on Monday, October 29
  • Since the vote was approved, the integration planning phase begins
  • January 1, 2019 is the target date for adoption, which is the start of the integration phase
  • Individual ministries will then assess and determine the best timing to implement any changes
  • An official launch weekend & celebration service will take place in early 2019

 Are we still considering an adoption of Community of Hope in Rosemount, MN?

  • Yes, we are still in discussion with CoH, using the same process of exploration and consideration as that with Rejoice! Church. When the CoH Board of Directors and Hosanna! Vision Board are in agreement to move forward, we will bring this to the congregation for a vote. At this time, we anticipate a vote in early 2019.

Who can I talk to if/when I have additional questions pertaining to church adoptions?

  • For any additional questions, contact Jennifer Ford, Executive Director of Ministry Services and member of the Adoption Exploration Teams, at jenniferf@hosannalc.org.