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Small Groups

what is a small group?

Definition: an intentional, face-to-face gathering, varying in size, which meets regularly for an agreed upon purpose that furthers the group members’ Christian growth.

Small groups provide a place for us to both encourage and challenge one another to become more like Christ. We experience God best in community whether we are wrestling with questions, celebrating answers to prayer, struggling with doubt, or anything in-between. Small groups are intended to be the place where you can be authentic, but if you haven’t found your fit yet, that’s okay– try again! Many small groups are intentionally short-term so people can have the flexibility and freedom to find the small group that feels right.

Small Groups Weekend happens a few times a year to facilitate an easy “on-ramp” to getting into a small group.

If you are interested in LEADING a small group please check out “Start a Group” for next steps.

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