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What kinds of gifts can I give?

Cash, Checks, Credit Cards

Checks are the easiest way to give. If you wish to designate how your gift will be used, please indicate it on the memo line. If you prefer to give cash, envelopes are available at the Guest Services desks or for regular giving envelopes, contact Stacey Peterson: 952-898-9122 or staceyp@hosannalc.org.

Donate via e-contribution online using credit card or e-checks.

Automatic Withdrawals

Authorized monthly or semi-monthly withdrawals for a specified amount can be made directly from your checking or savings account. This is a convenient way to ensure that your giving to the Lord is consistent, even when you are out of town. Fill out a Withdrawal Form(.pdf) or contact Stacey Peterson: 952-898-9122 or staceyp@hosannalc.org.

Text To Give

Text “HLCL” in Lakeville or “HLCS” in Shakopee, followed by the dollar amount you’d like to donate to the number 28950 and follow the one time setup instructions. (If your phone number is in Hosanna’s Fellowship One Database, some of your information may populate automatically)

Giving Kiosks

A convenient way to give! Stop by a Giving Kiosk in the Atrium across from Daily Bread Bookstore and across from the Guest Service Station at door 5.

Stocks or Mutual Funds

Publicly-traded securities can be donated to the church and may also provide significant tax benefits to the donor. Talk to your tax advisor.

Complete a Gift of Stock Form (.doc) (.pdf) or Gift of Mutual Funds Form (.doc) (.pdf)

and fax to 952-435-7373 or email/contact Stacey Peterson: 952-898-9122 or staceyp@hosannalc.org.

Gifts in Kind

You can donate real estate and vehicles to the church, although the IRS has some specific requirements of which you need to be aware. For gifts of other tangible assets such as jewelry, antiques, or collectibles, please sell the items first and donate the proceeds to Hosanna!


If you have questions regarding giving to the Fingerprints initiative, please contact:
Stacey Peterson: 952-898-9122 or staceyp@hosannalc.org

Hosanna! Contribution Statements

Your giving account summary is online and easily accessible.

In 2015, Hosanna! made a switch to going paperless and your Contribution Statement will be online. The benefits include convenient, online, 24/7 access, privacy, and cost effectiveness.

If for some reason, you will still need a paper contribution statement, please let us know by emailing hosannalc@hosannalc.org

Thanks for helping by going “Green” with Hosanna!

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Automatic Withdrawal Form

Lakeville PDF Shakopee PDF

Gift of Stock Form


Gift of Mutual Funds Form


Online Giving Statement